Grassroots football remains the bedrock of any country’s development. And expectedly, the communities are strewn with all kinds of football academies.

However, Prince Kazeem Football Academy, owned by renowned philanthropist, football promoter and Lagos Prince, Dr. Kazeem Eletu- Odibo, is taking a uniquely different organisational shape.

Speaking with journalists during the private party he organized at his Lekki residence to celebrate the 40th birthday of his mentor, the Sheikh of Qatar, Tamin bin Hamad Al-Thani, who is the owner of French football Kings Paris Saint Germaine.

He said, ” I am glad to join the world in celebrating Sheikh Tamin bin Hamad Al-Thani on his 40th birthday. He is a great man, who has continued to positively influence millions of people around the world, including my humble self.

” Beyond the fact that he is my role model in several aspects of human endeavours, I have decidedly modelled my football academy after the very successful PSG of France owned by my friend and mentor. And so far, we have also achieved modest successes in the sport.

Prince Kazeem, remarked that he is motivated to take grassroots football in Nigeria to higher heights, and using PSG as a model in terms of philosophy and organizational structure. Adding that this module has helped to create a unique niche for his own football team in Nigeria.

” Essentially, football has been used as a tool for social and economic reengineering across the world. That’s the role Prince Kazeem Football Academy have also been playing towards making the soceity a better place,” he quipped.

” The PSG style is working for us. Today, we have some of the best young footballers in the country and I can assure you that with the quality of the technical crew and management of the team, we are set to produce world class and dominant players for Nigeria and world football,” the amiable businessman boasted.

(By Akeem Busari – Sports 247)