FIFA football agent and a foreign football scout who witnessed scouting programme being organized by Prince Kazeem Eletu Football Club recently  have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of players participated in the two days programme.

The two days scouting programme held recently at Agege Stadium, Lagos.

Alcantnra Eduardo, a FIFA agent explained that he was impressed with the players that came for the scouting programme. He said what he saw in the scouting programme showed that Nigeria has talented footballers who can become great players if they are well handled by good COACHes.

“The scouting programme was a huge success because we have penciled down some players who have distinguished themselves. We cannot take all the players but we try as much as possible to take the best out of participants that came for the programme,”he said.

Eduardo said Nigerian footballers are good but they still need somebody that would nurture them to stardom. He revealed that he and his colleagues would move to Northern part of Nigeria to scout for more players before leaving the country.

While his colleague, Mario Luna said the scouting programme was well organized noted that that all the players did well in their performance.

“We cannot take everybody but we selected best of the best which we felt that they meet all the requirements we are looking for. The scouting programme attracted quality teams and I am happy that we got some players who can give us result in the transfer market,” he said.

Among the clubs that took part in the scouting programmes are Prince Kazeem Eletu FC, AS Racine, Odion Ighalo FC, King Sports, Red Bull FC and Bethel FC.


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