Here we are in 2021, after a long and difficult 2020 season, where the Covid 19 will have been right in all the competitions and sporting appointments of our young athletes …

It’s only when we’re missing them that we really appreciate the real flavor of things. During this long year 2019 we have missed football and even more so, the joy of being in a stadium filled with clamors and emotions.

The 2019-2020 season marked as everywhere in the world by the pandemic will also have shown to the whole world that we are nothing in the face of disease and that sport sometimes is only secondary …

It’s hard for me to say that as technical director of a Nigerian club, Nigeria, a beautiful country where men and women live for football and where football is king …

But we must focus on the reality of the facts and the future of our players and our club!

So above all, on behalf of the technical staff, I would like to share with everyone who will bind us our wishes for happiness and success for this new year, and our wishes for sporting success for our players!

I would also like by this message sent on behalf of my players the most sincere thanks to our president, “Prince Kazeem ELETU” for his unfailing investment in our training structure, which I have no doubt will become in the very short term a reference on the African continent !

A reference ? Yes, absolutely, because the recipe that we have developed today contains all the ingredients for international sporting success, namely the mix of Men and Skills around a common, defined and clear sporting project but also thanks to solid financial support from our Chairman and our partners!

Speaking of partners, I must take advantage of these few lines to thank them greatly, thank our sponsors of course, our European partners (such as SC TOULON and its general manager JM Ferreri, Paris FC and its sports director Frédéric Hébert … ) who trust us and thank each person who accompanies the club every day in their professionalism! Thank you all, without you we would be nothing!

2021 will be a great sporting year for our players, I am sure, and a successful year for their loved ones and their families!

Since my arrival at the club, we have been advocating unity and solidarity, which are also the basis of our sports project and I must tell you that today I really work with a big family: The Prince Kazeem ELETU FC family !

I will also introduce this family to you: it is made up of our players (our children) of course, but many benevolent uncles or aunt like everyone who works for our president (Umaru, Mojeed, Bola, Askali, Thimoty, Pascal, Sodiq, Daniel …), we also have in the role of the mother our great cook, and the father of our faithful Sanjay, supporter from the start! And without forgetting the head of the family “Prince Kazeem ELETU”!

I would end these few lines by wishing you a beautiful and happy new year 2021, and by ensuring that I and my staff will give the best of ourselves during this year 2021, in the service of the players and the success of the Club!